Eradajere Oleita

Detroit Organizer

Eradajere, a Nigerian born woman, has made her name as a community resource. Helping people and organizations write grants, run social media, build better community strategies , transition to sustainable practices, and help brand businesses . Her work with the youth has been also as extensive from helping youth create and sell art work, become public speakers, start businesses; she also built several gardens in Detroit public schools with students being the overseers of their progress and created zen rooms for students that may be deemed as problematic to give them an outlet to meditate and also express themselves in a safe environment. Along with these programs she has implemented, Eradajere also served with Ecoworks educating students about the environment from pollution to sustainability. She has helped with teaching students how to test for lead in their schools and homes and has placed air monitors in polluted areas. Currently ,she is the founder of The Chip Bag Project, a sustainable initiative tive focused on the bridging together of environmental justice and social justice by turning foil lined products into sleeping bags to give to the homeless. Her work with TCBP has been featured in 29 countries around the world since its start in Dec of 2020. My favorite thing that I love is that she makes sure students are hands on which gives assistance to our future leaders to follow from.