Ryan 'Rei' Fielder

MAJIC Manager

Ryan Fielder, affectionately known as Rei, is a radical, Black queer organizer, facilitator, social
worker and artist who hails from the Motor City. Rei has been organizing around issues that
impact Black Detroiters since they were 15 years old. Their dedication to movement work is
fueled by their desire to see Black liberation come to fruition.
Most recently, Rei has worked extensively with Detroit-based LGBTQ+ youth organization,
Ruth Ellis Center. They assisted in developing training curriculum for the State of Michigan on
working with LGBTQ+ young people in the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare systems. Rei
also served as the Manager of Drop-In Center Operations and Outreach. Their work surrounded
addressing the immediate and long-term needs of runaway and homeless LGBTQ+ youth of
color in Detroit.
In addition to their work with the Ruth Ellis Center, Rei is also an organizer with the Green Light
Black Futures coalition. GLBF is a campaign and coalition that pushes back against the hyper-
surveillance system Project Green Light and works to encourage a reimagination of safety for
Black Detroiters.
Rei is a graduate of Marygrove College where they received a Bachelor of Music degree in
Voice Performance in 2016. In December 2020, Rei received their Master of Social Work degree
from the University of Michigan.