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Sw Detroit Mutual Aid_Award MI State Sen

When COVID hit we threw away our workplans, and pivoted to mutual aid, policy solutions, and self-care. During this time, MEJC is proud to have raised over $70,000 to support direct cash assistance with SW Detroit Mutual Aide Collaboration and donated to SW Detroit residents and neighboring communities in need of food, utility and rental assistance; urge and advance the campaign to "stop the shutoffs", and federal assistance.

In July MEJC, as apart of the SW Detroit Mutual Aid Collaboration received recognition from Senator Stephanie Change of the Michigan State Senate District 1.

MEJC was apart of the MI COVID Community which stood ground for those most impacted helping shape the MI COVID Policy Platform 

MEJC stands strong centering care before all else with a note to Our Funders

Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition is using its skills and resources to help support those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. Environmental Justice communities, who already suffer from health impacts which compound COVID symptoms, need help. That is why we have shifted our work to direct support from Mar-Aug.

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