DAYUM Youth 2018
DAYUM Youth 2018

Youth Track!

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From Detroit to the Deep North
From Detroit to the Deep North

EJ Leaders Cross-pollinating 2018

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Creativity and culture
Creativity and culture

Deeply a part of EJ culture

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DAYUM Youth 2018
DAYUM Youth 2018

Youth Track!

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MEJC Virtual 2020 SUMMIT

Thank you for all your time, energy, commitment, support and everything you do to achieve environmental justice


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Special thanks to our funders

Thank you to our partners for supporting technology, staff, stipends, and healing justice throughout the Summit.



Erb Family Foundation


Mosaic Fund

Heartland Fund

Third Wave Fund


Transforming Power Fund


Windward Fund

and all of you!

campaign action

Overcrowded prisons, increased energy bills, and toxic waste poisoning our water and air are just some examples of the profit-over-people driven failures in government and the corporate sectors of our economy. People have had enough, and demand transition to clean energy solutions,  better funded school systems, community centered models of public safety, access to quality health care as we battle COVID-19 and much more. The momentum for change is now, and it will take members of the community to lead the charge.

know your history

Celebrate EJ's 25 year anniversary!Understanding how to get involved and make change within the community around issues of EJ, also involves understanding the past and how it impacts today. This proposal seeks sessions related to the history of the movement for social justice, its contributors, and where things stand today. Intergenerational conversations are encouraged, to lift up the important work we carry on for our ancestors as we stand on the shoulders of giants.

healing & Culture

Right now, we’re in stressful times as we continue to deal with the onset of COVID-19 and economic collapse. The recent deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor among so many black people killed in police custody have led to historic marches all over the world. Systemic oppression is leaving many Michiganders in search of ways to cope. Sessions related to dealing with stress, grief and loss, in search for joy welcome exploring the cultural roots around Black Lives Matter and EJ Movements.



Visionary solutions live within the minds and hearts of those who bear the highest burden of oppressive systems. Our communities survive using mutual aid, our communities are growing our own food, our communities are reimagining school and work, when there are no wages or way. Climate Justice is the vision for futures of survival and thriving communities free of toxics & terror to transforming our extractive economy to a regenerative economy.