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Ahmina Maxey

Ahmina Maxey

Operations Director

Ahmina has many years of experience in local and national non-profits, helping provide financial and capacity-building resources to communities of color combating environmental racism. Her work has supported environmental justice communities in Michigan, Maryland, California, Connecticut, and other states across the country. In Detroit, she’s organized for air pollution reduction with groups such as the East Michigan Environmental Action Council, Zero Waste Detroit, and Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives. Additionally, in her role with the Transforming Power Fund, she mobilized resources for Detroit's community of organizers and worked to model the organization as a more equitable approach to grant making than traditional philanthropy. Ahmina lives in northwest Detroit with her family, and in her free time enjoys exploring the outdoors, reading, and cooking. She is a board member for the Peak Plastic Foundation and is active in Detroit's Jim Dandy Ski Club. She is a 2007 graduate of the University of Michigan, 2014 recipient of the Sierra Club's Bunyan Bryant Environmental Justice Award, 2017 Grist Emerging Green Leader, and 2019 recipient of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Advocate of the Year Award.

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