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We believe in a world where all of us, no matter our race, place or politics have access to affordable, renewable and community-controlled energy. But wealthy monopolies like DTE energy use their power to saddle our communities with unaffordable and unreliable power while polluting our neighborhoods.

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Image ID: Sky blue with clouds. Silhouette of a power line with dollar bills floating underneath. Three folks with a megaphone and signs raised with exclaimation marks. Text: DTE is playing politics in michigan. DTE has spent more than $8M of Our money on political donations to influence elected officials and public opinion. Demand Michigan Elected Officials Stop Taking DTE'S Dirty Money Immediately

Michigan residents pay some of the highest electric bills in the nation and suffer some of the worst service. These costs are disproportionately borne by Environmental Justice communities - Black, Brown, Indigenous and poor white communities that have seen the worst effects of pollution and climate change.

Wealthy corporate utilities like DTE and Consumers Energy have captured our legislative and regulatory processes, allowing them to pocket billions of dollars in profits while saddling our communities with polluted air and unaffordable energy.


But know our worth - and we know our power when we come together. Help build a movement on the scale of DTE to take on DTE!

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By coming together as Michiganders across race and place, we have the power to rewrite the rules and build a state where we all can thrive.

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The Awakening: A Climate Justice Story​

Creative artist Pablo Castro and the Environmental Justice Community design team helped produce this amazing testament to our power!

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