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Power belongs to the people.

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Wealthy corporate utilities like DTE and Consumers Energy have captured our legislative and regulatory processes, allowing them to pocket billions of dollars in profits while saddling our communities with polluted air and unaffordable energy.

Michigan residents pay some of the highest electric bills in the nation and suffer some of the worst service. These costs are disproportionately borne by Environmental Justice communities - Black, Brown, Indigenous and poor white communities that have seen the worst effects of pollution and climate change.


Quick Facts: 

Michigan’s energy bills are the 12th most expensive in the entire country.

In 2022, the profit dividends DTE Energy paid out to shareholders was 52x what it would cost to prevent all shutoffs.

93% of legislators have taken DTE Energy money during their careers, including Gretchen Whitmer & Mayor Duggan

Join the fight! 

1.Come to a Dismantle DTE campaign meeting (link to interest form to RSVP

2. Spread the work about your consumer rights! Download out KYR one-pagers 

3.  Tell your story

#DismantleDTE flyer. At the top, there is a protest sign that says DTE AN ABUSE OF POWER. Below, the text reads: "#DismantleDTE! Utilities have always been a site of struggle between peolpe and profit. Together we can build a future where all of us, no matter where we live or what we look like, has affordable, renewable, community-controlled energy! Sign up to be a part of: ratepayer clinics, know your rights workshops, mutual aid and support, building power within communities to take on DTE!
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