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MEJC 2022 Summit: Fighting False Solutions, Healing our Future!

The 2022 Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition Summit: Fighting False Solutions, Healing Our Future is right around the corner.

When: September 17, 2022

Where: Garage Cultural, 4670 Junction, Detroit, MI.

Limited travel stipends will become available upon request.

Summit attendance is FREE and open to everyone.

Interested in presenting at the Summit? We are currently accepting proposals! 



For accessibility needs please contact Katrina Hamann:

About the Summit

The Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition hosts the Statewide EJ Summit every two years bringing together hundreds of frontline and fenceline activists, allies and accomplices to share stories and strategies for achieving a safer, cleaner, more vibrant future.

The pandemic has highlighted a new sense of urgency for our movement. As the new IPCC report confirmed, it is now or never when it comes to addressing the climate crisis. That means it's GO Time! It's time for us to cement the bonds we've been building with each other and our allies as well as time to welcome new leaders, organizers, and activists into our work. In order to be successful, we chose to center joy and healing in our lives, our movement, and at this summit. We reject false solutions to the climate emergency our planet faces.  We reject false solutions to the environmental racism our communities suffer from.  We already have solutions that work - ones that center people, not profits. We must now come together to build an intersectional movement muscle strong enough to take on the corporate greed holding us all back.

One of the main goals for this year's MEJC environmental justice summit is to deepen the relationships we've spent over a decade cultivating with each other and to grow our base so we are prepared to fight and prepared to win. We hope to see you there!

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