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Image shows a diverse crowd at a protest assembly.

MEJC Membership

MEJC is the only statewide, member-led Environmental Justice organization in Michigan and the Midwest. Our coalition is composed of EJ community leaders, lawyers, academics, and public health scholars representing individuals and organizations across Michigan. We are ready to continue our growth to fight against the intersecting systems which pollute our air, oppress our voice, and threaten our future. Our organization operates within an understanding that the root causes of climate change are racism, capitalism, and the hetero-patriarchy with the impact of these oppressive systems falling on BIPOC and low-income communities. Accountability to our base, our partners, and members is extremely important to us. As we expand our membership, we hope to bring in more and more people to the movement for environmental justice. 

2024 Summit and save the date

2024 Summit and save the date

Members & Partners

Our wins for Michigan would not be possible without our member and partner organizations. Together, we work towards building a healthy, resilient Michigan where we all can thrive.

Logo for Soulardarity
Logo for Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition. A plug outlet with homes instead of prongs, being fed from wind power
Logo for We The People Michigan. A two hands of varying skin tones clapsing one another
Logo for We Want Green Too. A house with a leaf growing from it.
Logo for CRAFT: Citizens Resistiance at Fermi Two. A plant growing with seven leaves
Logo for Flint Rising. A tap with a large water droplet emerging with human figures inside holding hands
Greendoor initiative logo. Door is a lighter green than the other words
Logo for Breathe Free Detroit. A smokestack with a red circle-slash
Logo for Michigan Welfare Rights Organization. An infinity symbol
Logo for Environmental Transformation Movement of Flint. A black fist in the foreground and a tree in the background with a water wave in the midground
Logo for Great Lakes Environmental Law Center. Hands transforming into doves
Logo for the NAACP Michigan Conference. The scales of justice evenly balanced with NAACP in the center and "founded 1909" underneath
Logo for the Ecology center. Slightly off-center blue concentric circles.

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