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Research & Reports

Gas to Electric: Equitable Home Electrification Policy in Michigan

Summer 2023

How we heat our homes plays a major role in the health of our communities and our environment. It will cost $74 billion to weatherize and electrify Michigan's home heating systems, and it's essential that we ensure that communities that have borne the brunt of the harmful effects of pollution and climate change can access these costly upgrades. This report studies the cost of home heating electrification in Michigan to inform how it could meaningfully repair – or seriously worsen – the legacy of racist, profit-driven housing and energy policies in our state.

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From Air Pollution to Solutions: Collaborative Planning for Clean Air in Detroit & Wayne County

Spring 2023

The Collaborative Planning for Clean Air in Detroit & Wayne County project is rooted in the vision that breathing clean air is a basic human right, protected by regional policy. In 2022, project coordinators and participants engaged in a year-long inclusive planning process to develop a cohesive plan for clean air and environmental justice advocacy in Detroit and Wayne County.

The Public's Case Against DTE Energy: Extracting Profits, Inducing Health Harms, Damaging Democracy

August 2022

Together with our partners, We the People Michigan and LittleSis, we find that DTE has extracted profit from its customers through hundreds of thousands of shutoffs, the second highest amount of rate hikes in the country, and unnecessary power outages that leave customers without power. They have invested heavily in new fossil fuel power plants that place significant health burdens on customers while blocking renewable energy initiatives. Finally, this report digs into the campaign donations of DTE executives, board members, and PAC to reveal how they utilize dark money to advance their profit-driven agenda.


Assessing the State of Environmental Justice in Michigan

May 2019


In this study, the research team addressed the feasibility of creating a publicly available, accessible Michigan-specific screening tool that would display environmental, social, and health data relevant to environmental justice.

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