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Ayanna-Grace King

Ayanna-Grace King

Environmental Justice Organizer

Ayanna-Grace (she/them) is an urban farmer by trade and organizer by passion. She has a diverse 10 year background in teaching, climate justice and social justice. Ayanna-Grace began her career as a teenage art teacher. Before her work in EJ, she was an educator and research enthusiast. Utilizing her self-created curriculum, ‘Hip Hop as a healing tool for the Black Psyche’ she unpacks reoccuring & impactful themes such as police brutality, colorism, high rates of obesity & asthma found in her classroom.

For three years, Ayanna-Grace transitioned away from the classroom and into the world of agriculture and food sovereignty. In 2022 she took a leap of faith and moved to Detroit to become a full time urban farmer at D-Town Farm. She currently works as the Garden Manager at Detroit Puppet Company and is an Environmental Justice Organizer for Mobilization at MEJC. Her goal is to use her skill sets in intersectionality, agriculture, and social justice as tools to amplify BIPOC voices and guide communities in the change they want to see. She believes land is the glue that brings together the world of activism, urban farming, and teaching. When combined, it carves out a path to a sustainable future.

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