Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition convened in 2011 to attempt the implementation of the 2010 Environmental Justice Plan created by Gov. Granholm. Since that time Detroit  water shutoffs and bankruptcy, the Flint Water Crisis, fast tracking of air pollution and mining permits, fracking, new and aging pipelines, catalyzed under Governor Snyder. In response MEJC began growing its network and membership. Every two years MEJC hosts the Environmental Justice Summit, has three research projects with University of Michigan,  is doing on the ground community education, meeting with federal, state and local government to move the needle on EJ.


Policy Associate

Juan Jhong Chung

Juan Jhong Chung is a Policy Associate for the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition.

Statewide Coordinator

Michelle Martinez

Michelle Martinez is a founding member of MEJC and has served as the Statewide coordinator since 2017.

Energy Democracy Organizer

Bridget Vial

Bridget Saunders Vial is the Energy Democracy Organizer with the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition. She entered into environmental justice organizing in 2016,

Digital Organizer

Lawrence Stallworth

Lawrence Stallworth is the Digital Organizer with Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition.

Policy Specialist

Jamesa Johnson

Jamesa Johnson-Greer, J.D. is a Policy Specialist for Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition.

Community Education Specialist

Theresa Landrum

Theresa Landrum, a community organizer and activist, has been fighting against
Environmental injustices over twenty years. 



Membership Committee is charged with enhancing the experience, and the management of our membership-based organization.

Committee Members:

 Marnese Jackson, NAACP 

Marwah Hassan, ACCESS

Jamesa Johnson-Greer, MEJC


Management Committee is responsible for the clear direction, and accountable infrastructure supporting members and staff.

Committee Members:

Dr. Kyle Whyte, Timnick Chair, Michigan State University

Vincent Martin, Original United Citizens of SW Detroit

Michelle Martinez, MEJC


Policy Committee reviews, analyzes and acts on policy, responding to the urgency of the climate crisis and beyond.

Committee Members:

Gloria Lowe, We Want Green Too

Simone Sagovac, Delray Community Benefits Coalition

Theresa Landrum, 48217

Jamesa Johnson-Greer, MEJC

Kathryn Savoie, Empower MI

Vincent Martin, 48217

Bridget Vial, MEJC